All Hallows Eve

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All Hallows Eve is a time of honoring all who have passed on to the other side. It is when the veils between the worlds are thinnest and we can lovingly connect to our beloved ones who have shifted over to the spirit realms.

Our Ancestors are the ones who have brought us to be here today. We can acknowledge them in many ways. We can create an Ancestor Altar with all of their pictures to see them. To let them know they live on with us and that we love them. We create an opportunity to speak with them and pray for healing for them, or just say hello and share our love.

Sharing an Ancestor spirit supper with them is also a great way to be together. This evening whatever you are making for dinner, create a special spirit plate for them. Set a place at the table for the ones you love. Share the loving food you have prepared to let them know they are always welcome at your table.

My Oma who passed over this year, I set a plate for you at my table. I love you and miss you. I will make this evening your favorite german food of bratwurst and sauerkraut! I know you like the rotkohl (red cabbage) as well. I will honor you Oma and eat my supper with you. I will place your photo on my altar and speak with you to ask you how you are doing. I will play your favorite waltz music the Blue Danube waltz that you like by Johann Strauss. We danced this together many times, remember Oma?

I still dance with you the waltz and remember your wicked sense of humor, and the sometimes dramatic way you did things. I remember your sneaky playfullness and how you hated to be called Oma because it made you feel old. You had us call you by your first name Marie because this was more youthful! I remember your love for me even when it was hard for you to show it sometimes. I honor you Oma and you live on within me. I have gratitude for all you have shared with me.

Faery Forest in the Night

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Faery Forest in the Night

I gaze towards the earth where I walk and I see within the grasses white tiny daisies like stars in the sky ~ and so the faeries show me the daisies really are the stars! Worlds within worlds when we see with our second sight, between the veils of what magic truly is.

The Faery who lives in the swishy poplar trees way up high says, “Hello” to me. Her dress is made of yellow light with an orange flower in her hair ~ she tells me to never forget the faeries are here to help us weave the stories of our lives. Let us begin with a night like tonight where twilight is and stars shine. The mystery of how the night life is for the faeries ~ come and see, says she, and off I go. Down the path that weaves left to right, I am in a slight trance by the crickets who sing.

They know just what to do to tempt me to walk deeper into the faery forest. I feel a shifting in the air itself, a crisp evergreen smell from the trees as the mists lay upon the branches. The needles twinkle with the moonlight reflections. I see the moon betwixt the clouds only when she wishes to show her crescent fingers that point me the way. I feel warmer as I walk and hear voices whisper. They do not frighten me as I have my special talisman around my neck to chase the bad spirits away. It is made of purple, green, and grey ~ labradorite. It shines in the moon. It is a favorite of the faeries. The labradorite is translucent with many layers inside like the many worlds of the fey.

I remember now why I have come: to meet the Faery Queen. She knows I am coming because I told her in a dream, this is how the faeries are, they speak from many places but, the humans need the second sight to see and the magic to hear them dance. So not knowing really where I go, I trust my senses and my heart for my mission is true. I have come to change the contracts of this life. There are many lives and this one has reached the time to recreate new contracts with my soul. For this I need to see the Faery Queen.

I am told by a bright sylph to blink my eyes three times and then open slowly and I do. There is a small cavern beneath the great oak tree before me. I duck and enter this place where the smell is of earthen mushrooms and dampness. There are little gnomes pushing chairs here and there to make room for me. They are not taking kindly to my size. I try and apologize. They hush me like a foolish child and one in red trousers waves a small hand to sit on the ground they swept for me. There are many brown bark roots twisting on the ceiling and I am asked not to touch!

There is faery protocol and I am instructed by a small elf who attends the Queen of the Fey. He lets me know I need 3 things to present to Her when She arrives. First, I must give Her an eye lash freshly plucked, this eyelash carries everything I have ever seen in my whole lifetime. Secondly, she will want to know my heart is true. I will need to tell her a secret that has never been heard by anyone. Thirdly the elf tells me, she will need to know your love for Her. She will want you to give Her one of your heart beats. I tell the elf who is very serious now, that I am not sure how to give a heart beat because I have never done this before. This is the riddle he tells me! Only those who can find the beat of their heart to give, may then have entry to speak with the Faery Queen.

Ha! I say to the elf now sitting on my left ear, I know just how to do this! But I won’t say ~ I ask you who reads this story ~ do tell me how you would offer a beat of your heart to the Queen of the Faeries?

The Golden Screen Door

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The open heart is the key to everything on the spiritual path. Sometimes I feel at a loss at how to keep my heart cracked open when I feel the outside world not so loving towards me. I feel like an old oak wood door that I try to prop open with a door jam and a sign that says “Keep Open!”. But, how do I keep protected so that not just anyone comes in this beautiful open oak wood door of my heart? How can I protect my heart? I add this to my prayer list today, I often have a list…..

Dear Great Spirit, how is it that I can stay open to love and not get knocked over by the one who is not so loving? I ask you Great Spirit in this prayer to show me or tell me what is the secret to this complication of relationship? How do I keep my heart open to the ones I love when they sometimes say hurtful things that throw me into a spin of sadness or pain?

I suddenly hear from Great Spirit that we are all doing the best we can and we are all wounded in some way. To have compassion for all, means to know this. Great Spirit says, also remember that your brown oak door can have a golden screen door too! A strong screen door that keeps the bugs out and all that does not serve your highest good.

I visualize and create this screen door with gold mesh that keeps out the words that are not so nice. I can stop them from entering through the door of my heart. When the words that are not loving come flying towards the screen they hit the gold mesh and come tumbling down onto the ground like brown leaves falling to the earth. The loving wind comes by and sweeps the words away.

I am reminded by Great Spirit that I am strong and willful. I create this self loving protection screen to be able to keep my lovely oak door safe and open. I am thrilled about the golden screen door and complete my prayers with a thank you to Great Spirit for my divine screen made of light so that love may enter my heart and keep out all that does not serve my highest good. Thank you for showing me that I can protect myself and keep an open heart all at the same time.

I see a beautiful green ivy wrapping all around my oak door. The ivy gently twines all around my heart caressing beautiful verdant vines of Mother Earths love for me. Thank you Mother Earth and Great Spirit.

Sunrise Orange Meditation

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Streams of sun honey waves of light move through the ethers and find a resting place upon my eyelids this morning. My sunrise meditation begins with gratitude for being here in my warm bed to receive this love from the star to this earth, our sun. I feel this as a beginning moment of my day, but also the beginning moment of all life on this earth. The sun rises as it has since the beginning of time.

I gently open my eyes to see the beauty of pink, orange misty rose and I breath this into my heart to fill myself up. How nice to feel the ease of love in this moment of connection to the fire in the sky that feeds my soul.

How can I keep this feeling throughout my day while living in a city with dogs barking and sirens howling? What a challenge to keep this moment alive within me. I ask out loud to the sun, ” How can I have this beautiful moment throughout my day?” The answer comes right away – When you close your eyes now what do you see? When I do this I see a golden ball of the sun shining inside my eyelids!

The sunlight is inside of you, all of creation is inside of you little one! You are a part of All That Is. The innocence of your open heart allows you to be inside of the love that is you. This innocence is your connection to your soul within and it is the sun outside as well!

The sun continues to share with me, there is a web of light that is created by the sun and all the stars. Your soul also is a little star of light in existence. We are all a part of the big web of gossamer threads. We are all a part of this creation energy, little one of light.

We are in a universe that is a quantum field where there are many ways you choose to work with your threads of light. You have the free choice of your day little one. Every thought starts a new path of light to create your day. When you live in a city you have many weavers of many paths of light that are chosen.

When you keep your clear vision of the sunlight in your heart that you have seen this morning, of loving kindness to yourself, this is what guides your day. Your thoughts, your streams of light create your experience in the field of possibilities. This is the gift of creation energy!

I remember the sun that shines always even when I cannot see it at night time. I open to the sun that is in the sky and the sunlight that is inside of me throughout this day. I feel the orange rosy pink light in my heart and I am glad.