Sylphs~* Air Elementals

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Sylphs~* Air Elementals

A gorgeous day in Point Reyes and I am walking on a sparkling sand beach. This particular beach feels more wild than any other I have walked upon. There is a feeling that not many humans have walked here. I make my connection to the land and ocean as I open my heart by breathing in the incredibly fresh salt air to my lungs. I pull deeper into my heart to feel the energy of reverence here.

The tide runs out but the waves are strong rolling high and crashing with white against this rocky beach. These slate gray jagged rocks are the ones who stand here keeping watch – the guardians of this beach. Cliffs stand behind us rising high with the beautiful crystal veins that run throughout Point Reyes only to show themselves on some of the beaches. A grand appearance of the potent power of this California coastline. We find a place to lay our mexican blanket and rest.

We find ourselves drawn to a huge rock formation jutting out into the ocean on the far end of the beach. We walk there and find a crevice that is a secret passage way. We walk through this tight passage and there is whooshing wind that pushes us through. This wind is so strong I almost fall over. It is moving at a ferocious speed and we are catapulted through the opening to this otherworldly cove. I am surprised to see caves that go into the cliffs that seem forbidden places to go.

I climb on a massive rock formation that goes into the ocean itself. I climb higher and higher and see the sun shining bright in pools of waters left from high tide. The wind is relentless as I climb even higher and see many wisps of white fly into the air and I am unable to make out what this mysterious white is. I think maybe bird feathers? They call to me and I follow them even higher to see what this might be. I wrap my hat close to my head as the wind whips at my face and body. I am not sure how much higher I can go without falling because of the force of this powerful wind.

I reach a precipice and there is a sacred cavern that goes deep down into this rock mountain I have climbed. I stand in great awe as I take in this incredible vision of how the ocean waters have found a small portal in the rocks to collect a cauldron of sea foam spiraling in the center as the Sylphs ~ white wisps of air elementals, dancing in the winds! Syphs disperse the spiraling froth whipped into hundreds of white feathers of seafoam and ride them into the vortex that is created up above to the skies delight! I am intoxicated with this vision and movement of the Sylphs. I am high with ecstasy witnessing the Sylphs in such a scintillating dance of great exuberence!

I feel I have seen the Angels of the Winds itself. I am so honored to have been led here to see for myself a true miracle of the Sylphs’ dance to Mother Nature. This is indeed an incredible moment in my life to even have been allowed into this hidden cove and led to peek into the world of the Fairies of the Winds. I often travel in shamanic journeys to meet them. This has happened in my waking life teaching me that all is happening at the same time, the magical and the everyday. I am renewed by the miracles of Mother Nature and her Faery Realms that tend to her.

Devic Spirit Milky Bone Crystals

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Devic Spirit Milky Bone Crystals

I desire to know Mother Earth more and more every day. Today I take a trip back to Kehoe beach in Point Reyes to meet the Devic Spirit who lives in the Mountain Cliff. I have a feeling of tentativeness as to whether I have opened my heart and mind to humbly meet this Nature Spirit of this land. I breath deeply to begin this journey.

As we drive up the windy road there is a red tail hawk flying above to say hello to me. We stop the car and I get out. The red tail hawk is my power animal to guide me in my life and here she is! I say a greeting in return and she continues to circle right over my head five times and I feel her love enter my heart with each gifted circling she offers me. We continue and she follows the car until we reach the hiking trail to the beach and circles one more time to say “you have my blessings!”

This is very special for me to have this to begin my walk to the ancient crystal laden mountain on this beach. We hike quietly hearing the waves get louder and louder as we get closer. The ocean is calm and invigorating, the waves are gently rolling onto the beach like soft caresses kissing the land. The sun is warm on our backs as we drop coats and shoes to feel the sand squishing between toes surrendering to this moment and this gorgeous place on earth.

I am able to see from this distance the crystal veins that run through the cliff where the Devic spirit lives. My whole body feels the energy before we get there. A heightened alertness and a feeling of being watched, acknowledged. We approach with reverence and I lightly touch this cliff to say hello. I wait for a sign to continue, I feel a gentleness but strong energy run through my hands. They tingle as I touch the white milky crystals that run through this mountain. White bones that are the ancient wisdom that runs through Mother Earth herself.

I place my forehead, third eye to connect and pray to the Devic Spirit to know her more, to tell her I come humbled to learn from her the secrets of the Earth Spirits. I do not hear words in return but a yielding to allow me in closer. There is a powerful spot at the center of the mountain cliff, on the sides there lie feet like a sphinx. A little sand dune protects the center opening. I gently climb up feeling the energies intensify and feel the energy almost to strong to endure running through my nervous system. I feel like I might fall as my knees start to shake.

Breath…..I hear, my chest rises and lets go a big sigh. I close my eyes and say to the Devic Spirit ~ I am here to honor you, to heal myself, to heal others, and to send love to the Mother Earth. My hands begin to tingle again and I feel more of an electric current flowing though my body now from head to toes. Alive with the currents of the Earths life force energies directly moving though my synaptic connections all over inside my being. I feel like a light bulb turned on brightly shining all around. This is it I tell myself! This is the meeting with the Devic Spirit that I have come for, asked for, and here I am connecting with the energy of the Devic Spirit.

I kiss the mountains rock and thank the Devic Spirit. I walk back down feeling all has changed for me. I look around me and I see a sparkling crystal rock already lying on the sand waiting for me. I pick it up and hold it to my heart and I can feel my beating in my chest against this heavy crystal rock. It is peach colored as well as the milky white crystal bones. Ah, the peach flesh color feels like me combining with the Devic’s white crystal veins. I feel complete here and give five strands of my hair to the Devic Spirit. I wind my red strands around a rock that juts out and give great gratitude. My DNA in my hair blends my existence with this place, and the Devic Spirit who lives here.

I raise the crystal to the Sun to see. I am forever changed, and a new life begins…..

Sun Rainbows Circle Round

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Sun Rainbows Circle Round

Sun shines a little more every day as we shift forward to the Mother Earth’s rhythms. I find myself thinking about the day and I see the peaking of the sunlight though the clouds. My friend and I drive quietly together to Point Reyes through the Redwoods, they are my favorite trees that stretch so high. I open my car window and say hellooooo as we drive through them.

It is the Pagan Earth holiday called “Imbolc” today – coming of the new light. The road becomes bumpy as we get closer to the beach through farm land on the California Coast. Black cows, brown cows, spotted cows, cows standing on hills stare at us and chew while we drive past. I can smell the ocean before I see it, freshness in the air and my heart quickens.

We park and begin to walk a winding path in the green grasses out to the beach. In a sense of reverence I look up to the Sun and see there is a Rainbow Circle around the entire Sun! Wow! I am in awe, I take in this magnificence and there is a celebration happening. Celebrating the incredible magic of being alive and connecting to the Universe this way is astounding!

I feel a rush that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to be. All of it is perfect in this moment. I love these gifts of nature that appear to remind me of the happiness of just by being alive and present. I feel humbled by this opening to the All That Is in this Rainbow Circle around the Sun that is so beautiful!

The path through the soft sand dunes leads us to the ocean. She is beautiful with a flock of white storks all just landing. They are huge birds with such nobility. We walk by them with respect. The Kehoe beach has huge cliffs that rise so high to the sky. They are made of different rock and sand formations. Some are smooth and beige in color and other parts more black and brown jagged cliffs. We hike down the beach as far as we can go to where the cliffs meet the waves.

One cliff stands out more that others because it has veins of quartz crystal running through it. My friend and I walk up closer and I feel this particular cliff is actually a part of the Devic kingdom. An energy Spirit that is here to watch over this beach. A guardian if you will, to keep safe this area. I feel this Devic Spirit take me in as I get closer. I ask if I may have a piece of its quartz from the vein that runs through it. “Yes if you can find a piece that yields to you, you may” I hear.

I take my time and find a piece that releases into my hand. I feel very excited and I kiss the mountainous rock cliff and thank the Devic Spirit. We walk on and I hold close this heavy special quartz to my heart. I want to let it cleanse in the ocean waters and place it down so that the waves can wash the dirt away…. a big wave swooshes in with white sea foam.

When this big wave has gone back out, my crystal is gone! I search all of the surrounding area and there is no rock to be seen! I frantically dig into the sand to see if it sank down. Nothing…. why I ask the ocean, why? Why have you taken my beautiful stone? I stand there like a little child who lost their most favorite toy in the world, arms loosely hanging at my sides. I look to my friend for answers, and he says, maybe it just isn’t meant to leave this beach.

I think on his words and realize this is true. I wanted to hold so tightly onto this crystal stone to hold this special moment on Kehoe beach. I come to understand as we start to walk back, that for me to know this wondrous experience, I need to let life flow. Like the ocean waves flow and not hold on so tightly. To know that the love in the Universe is infinite, it will always be here for me and to trust this.

I look up and the Rainbow Circle has been here all day and still is here….