Sequoia Redwood Queen

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Sequoia Redwood Queen

I met the Queen of the Forest and it is her birthday. She is 1,600 years old.

I bow to her, I open my heart to her, I offer my love to her and sway with the waves of energy through her powerful cords of sequoia red wood bark. Each winding around my body like the sensual and powerful creation energies of the Goddess herself.

My red hair I gift her, my intermingling, intertwining the strands which hold the imprint of my existence. We share oneness coalescing as two beings joining in the Love of all things. I ride the high of this moment that opens all moments reaching the heights of her branches into the stars above.

I kiss her sweet wet earthen bark. I am humbled and remember we are both made of the oneness of All. I am forever changed to be able to know the Queen of the Forest in this way. I honor you Great Queen of the Sequoia and I wear my red hair only for you.