Spiritual Writing & Storytelling Class Oct.15th!

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Spiritual Writing & Storytelling Class Oct.15th!

I am offering a very fun and loving Spiritual Writing & Storytelling Class monday evenings Oct. 15th through Nov. 19th. 7:00 – 9:30. Cost is $240. We will explore your inner worlds of spiritual openings of your heart and life. You can bring in your journal writings as well if you wish to get support in your writing by sharing and getting feedback on what works. Find your own voice and discover your own wisdom!

If you have taken my class before this is an opportunity to create a “Suite of Stories” on one theme you explore for your spiritual path. You are also welcome to work on one story of your choice throughout the 6 weeks to get feedback on what works and supports in writing your own story or novella.

This is a place for those wishing to honor your life experiences in the spiritual teachings and gifts that you are learning. We will use personal experience, dream imagery, magical realms, tarot, meditations, visions and imagination as guides in the stories we weave. The healing story is an opening to how we are transformed by our inner wisdom. Guaranteed laughter and fun! You will leave having learned how to give a healing with words, love, creativity and magic!

We will meet 6 monday nights at my office at 505 Beach street. I will guide you through the form of creating a healing story so you will feel confident. We will give feedback only of what we like about each others stories. I will ask that you bring one page or more to read to each class. There will be a 15 min. write in each class on topics I introduce to you to explore trusting your intuition. Come and sign up now!