Blessings of Love for YOU

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Blessings of Love for YOU

May the Goddess Bless you with kisses on your cheeks,
May you be Blessed with love from the flower essences in your honey jars,
May you be blessed with surprises from unknown places of gifts of joy,
May you find money in your pockets,
May you be kissed by someone in the next 24 hours,
May you laugh at your own silliness and share the secrets of your heart,
May you find what you have always been looking for in your bottom drawer,
May you be reminded by a friend what a beautiful smile you have,
May you be blessed a memory of your past that makes your heart smile,
May you forgive the one who had harmed you in 4th grade,
May you hear the words “I am sorry” from anyone who has ever hurt you,
May you be blessed with knowing the ancestor that gave you your gorgeous eyes,
May you always know the truth that you are loved beyond your dreams,
May you receive all the love that has always been yours since the beginning of time.

Please share blessings with your loved ones, the people you meet every day or
the ones you meet for a chance moment.
Or just pass these Blessings on!

©Shekhina von Recklinghausen 2014