I saw the Milky Way last night…

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I saw the milky way last night in the blue night sky. I stood at the shore of the Russian river where it meets the Ocean, there, by myself. Or was I by myself?

The sliver crescent moon was there, the owl that hooted was there, the sounds of the soft waves were there, and thousands and thousands of blinking white tiny light stars were there.

I guess I was not alone at all, but surrounded with so much love and presence in the blue black night. The milky way shone across the whole expanse from one side of the earth to the other clear over my head like a band of mysterious white star dust. I could see through the places in-between of infinite black spaciousness. I was, I am, a part of this mystery above and below in the milky way.

I saw me, one who is learning to love and be loved. I saw myself part of the dusty white star light dancing across the sky. I saw me, who sometimes cries late in the night and one who loves to skip and sing and laugh. I saw me, one who is a part of this beautiful, crazy, mysterious galaxy.

I sighed a great sigh and thanked the sweet silver moon, I thanked the owl who hooted, I thanked the stars that shined on my head and crawled back under the warm covers of my bed to dream of all I have seen.

© Shekhina M. von Recklinghausen