Butterfly Kisses

I follow the path into the city park and I find the perfect spot to lie down on my pink Mexican blanket in the long green grasses. I look up to the blue sky and pray to the trees shifting to the rhythm of the breeze. I pray to the trees asking for help to find my inner spark. I explain to the trees I have felt empty inside and a little lost I admit to them. They bend and sway with the winds taking this in.

An orange spotted butterfly decides to join me on my pink blanket. She sits on the edge of the woven blanket waiting for a proper invitation. She seems to have been tossed about quite a bit by the blowing winds. I speak to her like a friend visiting me. I tell her it is nice to have her visit. She flutters up and lands on my arm and we just stay this way for quite awhile and nap in the sun together. I wake feeling something soft touching my nose and it is her kissing the tip of my nose!

I jump up surprised and open my hand to her and she decides to land in the center of my palm. I look closely to see she has battered wings and I tell her, you are a little worn by life but look, your sleek orange and black colors are still beautiful. I tell her that I also feel like her, a little tattered around my edges, but still beautiful too. Looking at this precious butterfly in my hand I feel all at once a part of the spirit of nature.

I have so much gratitude for the tender love of this butterfly, this precious moment, and myself for opening to prayer. For my prayers have been answered by this creature of the Earth itself. My spark is really being with the oneness of each moment. This is how the gentle sparks are revealed to me…. butterfly kisses on my nose.