Etymology of Our Thoughts

Uplifting verses downlifting…. our thoughts can lift us up or they can be a downer. Sometimes negative thoughts come out of nowhere, or so it seems. Usually they come from our past and creep up into the present moment when we least expect them. They are the patterns we inherited from our upbringing and our societies. These negative thoughts are so deeply hidden we often don’t even realize they are there.

There is the study of etymology – where our words orginate and how they change throughout history. This is the same with our thoughts. Every thought we have originates from a place in our history, and the history of our ancestors. Our thoughts carry the belief systems of who we are as individuals and as a culture. The first opportunity to catch the little creepy crawlers of negative thoughts, is to notice how you are feeling while thinking or saying them. If you don’t feel good inside or loving to yourself or another – stop in that moment to catch the little yukky bugs!

If I take the thought that “life is a struggle and I have to work hard for what I get” this thought originates from my parents. This thought makes me feel depleted. My parents have worked hard in the car factories to create the US cars that we drive. Every day was hard work to create the life they had for us kids. I grew up with this thought of struggle and hard work, but my life is not theirs. Once I have caught this thought of struggle and become aware of it – I have created a possibility to choose a new thought.

This is a huge opportunity for me to create a beginning of a new belief system by choosing a new thought, one thought at a time. This will create a new belief which becomes a new life I am creating consciously! I can choose to say that life is easily bringing me new solutions on making more money and abundance than ever before. I can see a new options opening for me as I look for them, and as I connect with new people also seeking upliftment in manifesting their lives of abundance and love with grace and ease.

This is my new prayer mantra to work with creating a new life and existence for myself. I always place “with Grace and Ease” after every prayer. This is a way of constantly reminding me of this new possibility. Our old patterns of thinking are like sticky train tracks that are well worn and we feel comfortable in them. To create a new train track without really knowing it, can be scary and feel uncomfortable. We can open to the healing of ourselves in the inbetween. There are new green grasses between the tracks and it poses new things to address when starting a new train of thought.

Dress up your new locomotive with flowers, a sense of humor, post it notes on your computer, refrigerator magnets with affirmations, and prayers asking that these new loving thoughts of abundance, grace and ease come into our lives today. That we laugh at ourselves and remember it is a one thought at a time that we change our beliefs about ourselves and our lives. To have patience with ourselves as we forget and remember to catch the thoughts that do not serve our highest good.

My all time favorite that I will share with you is – Dear Universe of Love and Light, ya know, I can use a miracle today ~ just give me somethin’ here to lift me up to see the goodness in myself and shift these old yukky bug voices out of my head. Universe you can just pluck them out and throw them away for me! Fill me with love and joy ~ Give me some lovin’ here! Gimme the good lovin’ here! I am ready!