You are a healer when you give gratitude. You are giving an offering of beautiful flowers or of loving kindness to each person, when you give gratitude. You are acknowledging their existence on the earth and how much you appreciate them. This is a healing… every time you give gratitude you are giving a blessing. You are a healer giving LOVE and it doesn’t cost anything to give.

In return you will always receive abundance back from the Universe. I promise you. It might not always come from the person you gave a compliment to, but it will come from a stranger perhaps when you needed something. What goes around comes around. Karma! If you are nice to people  – the Universe will shine love back to you.

What do you have gratitude for in your life? Who are you grateful for that you can give a blessing? What loving pets surround you with unconditional love? Who would you like to acknowledge by telling them how you appreciate their presence in your life?

What in Mother Nature do you have gratitude for of all She gives for you to live your life? The water you drink from Her rivers? The air that you breathe in every breath? The food that you ate for your breakfast this mornings meal? The hummingbird that perches in your tree out side of your window?

Last night I saw the sun setting and the fog was hovering over San Francisco as a very precious soft pink embrace. A half moon shone bright above and I felt a sense of appreciation for being present to witness the changing of time from day to night.

As I gazed up to see a half moon, I pondered what I may have left behind and what is coming for the next half of this moon time. The pink glow felt like a hug from the Universe, so gentle.

What gratitude do you have for this day? Share your gratitude so it is felt by the ones you are appreciating. You are a gift, share your love and give a healing today!