Great Grandmother Spider

Great Grandmother Spider

In the heat of the summer morning I see this beautiful web of light. A spider walking up and down legs dangling from one corner to another like steps she climbs. Her goal is to catch her supper and then breakfast. She works hard at first to bind each thread to the next and knows exactly what to do. She was born with this engineering knowledge and did not need to go to school at all. She thinks people are so funny to try so hard to do these intricate weavings that she does with delight.

There is magic in this web to lure those unsuspecting flies and bugs of deliciousness! Spider makes sure that the trees support her web securely and how she gets from tree to tree is a great secret not told to humans. I suspect the fairies with wings have helped her to do this but, she will not give her secret away.

I have heard there are stories woven into each spider web thread by the Great Grandmother Spider. This way she passes on all her history through the stories that are told and retold to the next generations children, and to the spiders of coarse. The story for today from the thread to the left that goes like this….

Once there was a time where the big people, adults, had lost their ways of the earth. They forgot to speak to the Earth Mother and to tell her how much they appreciated her lovely strawberries, her coconut milk, her wonderful peaches and most of all ~ all her creatures. The starfish, the robins with red bellies, the crickets who sang the people to sleep in the summers night. There grew a loneliness in the big peoples hearts. A sadness grew so big that they forgot they were a part of this Mother Earths Essence.

There began to be a stirring in the little ones of the planet. The new children coming through started to come with a new wisdom that had gotten lost. The little ones called indigo children are the ones carrying the star light in their hearts. They know the stories of where we came from, they know the story that we are made of stardust. These little ones came in great numbers being born onto the Mother Earth to wake up the big adults who had been very lonely.

The little ones touched the cheeks of the lost people and looked into their eyes, deep inside to touch their soul and then they remembered who they are. They could see within the loving eyes of the children and remembered how to love the Mother Earth. To receive the sun’s light every sunrise into their hearts and rejoice being alive and opening their hearts.

Grandmother Spider and all her spider children are weaving more stories and very happy they are being heard to retell to the next generation and the next. Remember to tell the stories that you would like to hear she says!