I am a Quantum Particle

I am a Quantum Particle

I practice the art of shamanic journey which allows me to travel into the past, present or future. I can do this with ease as I walk into the dreamtime….. I begin by lying on my comfy couch where it is quiet and I only hear the birds outside. I no longer need a drum to fly into the shaman time only my desire and off I go as my eyes close gently.

I wish to see into the future of the winter solstice of 2012 ending of the Mayan calender year. I am gently transported into the future of December 21st, 2012. I see myself in a meditation with a group of people sitting in a circle with candles all around us. I open to this moment and I leave the meditation room and I am transported into the womb of the Universe, the center of the Great Mother of the Milky Way. It is very dark and oh so quiet here. No sounds only peace. I ask why it is so dark and I hear from the Spirits who I can not see, that in the dark is the emptiness of all possibilites.

I feel scared of this vast feeling of emptiness, but as I trust and keep letting go of any ego holding, I see myself floating in the black space and it is the womb of the Great Mother in the Milky Way. I am safe here. I find a calmness of this understanding. I float in the soft darkness. I hear to feel the wombs darkness like the soft pelt of the black panther wrapped about my body keeping me warm, safe and loved. I rest taking this in.

As I feel myself weightless and floating I realize that I am very much an intrinsic part of this moment. I am made up of particles of this quantum field of existence. There is no separation between me and this vast space of the center of the Milky Way and all that is around it. It just is. There is nothing for me to figure out as I feel this truth in my self. I ask how the dark is different from the light. I hear from the Spirits that it really is not different that the two are in a weave together showing opposite sides to the same coin. The dark and light are of the same weave but, different expressions of the Manna, or quantum field of possibilities. We are all creative expressions birthed out of this field of possibilities.

I ask the meaning of the December 21st, 2012 opening and I hear it is a beautiful beginning, a celebration of the opening to the vastness of all that is. That we are the unborn children that now birth ourselves forward to become the awakened lotus flowers that have been waiting to sing the songs of creation. We are the ones we have been waiting for as the Hopi Elders have said. Now is the time to open to our brothers and sisters to see who has joined us in the river of life. To rejoice with one another and celebrate the truth of who we are as creators in the vastness of our lives and in our Universe.

There is a rustling of the trees leaves outside my window and I am brought back to this present moment in time full with feelings of loving kindness for myself and all. What a journey life is and to have seen such a beautiful moment in the future has changed everything for me. Everything is different now. My life has new meaning and understanding that all is connected in the most minute and vast ways. We are all a part of this Quantum Field of existence and I have seen it for myself in this shamans journey into the center of the mysterious Milky Way. I am a quantum particle and I fit in with