Prayers for Fires to End

Prayers for Fires to End

I made an altar today to speak to the Fire element and asked it to subdue its flames and to come back to balance with the other elements this morning on Montara Beach.

Remember the Fire element is Mother Earth clearing away the old to make room for the new. A Purification. Unfortunately this has affected peoples homes and human made structures and even some deaths. I have been sending calm healing energy to all the loss of all things in Napa and all areas of the fires.

This Altar has been created as a prayer to ask the Fire element to balance with the Water element. The circle is made of sea shells of the Water. The feathers at the center are the Air element to balance the winds to a contained calmness. The ice plant wrapped around is Earth element asking for protection for all people and animals in the fires.

As soon as I finished my prayers to Great Spirit the fog had completely taken over the beach so thick I could not see to the other end. I asked the Water element that had taken the form of moisture in the air to go to Napa Valley right away to help squelch the fires. The fog started moving… Please everyone pray for balance and for the fires to end.

In Light, Shekhina von Recklinghausen