Receiving Love and Orca Whales

Receiving Love and Orca Whales

We all think a good person is one who is a giver in many ways. To offer a smile, a prayer, a shoulder to cry on, or sharing our help to those who need it. Often we can become such a giver that we forget to be the receiver as well. It was my birthday this week. A lovely thing to have a birthday that comes round once a year – and to receive the loving birthday wishes and love from all my family and friends has felt overwhelming.

This week I am reminded of how to receive as all the love has come forth for me to breathe in. This is the natural way, breathing in love as I receive the love and breathing out the love, a natural flow like the Mother Oceans waves that rise and fall. Her beautiful waves of white sea water rises up and splashes onto the beach giving of her waters to the land, and then she pulls some of her waters back into the ocean taking a bit of sand and earth with her. There is a natural giving and receiving going on all the time….

This morning my meditation brings me to seeing the Orca Whales! In my shamans meditation I journey into the ocean and meet the Orca whale and receive its healing messages today. I see myself meeting this beautiful beast of the ocean and it is huge! It is so gentle with me as I merge into the deep waters. I feel its love for me and we touch. The skin is smooth and the colors black and white are vast on the massive body of this underwater mammal.

The Orca takes me to the bottom of the sea and shows me a circle made of stones and inside are all plant life of swishing seaweed, crustaceans, coral life and there is a message of understanding I am a part of a community and some I have not yet met. That we are all connected and our souls are working together like the sea plants and animals are all connected by love. Then then the Orca shows me how to enjoy the ecstasy of swimming in the ocean depths. She shows me how the waters lovingly support every move I make as we swim together. Orca tells me that the ocean is made of life giving support for all who live here.

We glide and turn with grace and then propel ourselves up and up and up till we break through the top of the waters edge and fly into the air like birds! Jumping with glee and landing back into the waters having taken an exhilarated breath of air into our lungs. Receiving this element of air to sustain our bodies is also loving energy supporting our lives, whales and humans. How in awe I am of this grand sea mammal who shows me the loving ways of the ocean blue and also the breath we both take together. How connected we all are. How loved we all are by the elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire and how important it is to receive love, as well as give love.