Red Orange Moon Eclipse

Red Orange Moon Eclipse

I saw the Eclipse! I set my alarm and got up at 5:55 am to see the Full Moon Eclipse ~ it had already started but I wanted to see it at the height of alignment. I quickly threw on my coat, hat, and mittens over my cloud print pajamas and went outside into the night. I had been told it would be in the western skies so I took a right on my doorstep and walked towards the ocean. I got to the top of a small hill and looked up to see a big red orange glowing moon. My whole body took a step backwards at the power of this beautiful sight!

The magical alignment of sun, earth and moon ~ a full lunar eclipse. Time slowed down as I began to ask myself what this might mean for me? What is the spiritual understanding about this mystical moment of planetary connection with our star and moon? As I stood on the sidewalk I could see my breath in the cold air contemplating this moment in my life. I opened my heart and felt my connection to this true realization that there is a grand design happening every moment in the Universe. There is no haphazardness in the interconnectedness of all. The Universe, I, We are all a part of this magnificent event of life.

Just as I came to these lovely awakenings within……… a big loud rumbling garbage truck drives up almost in front of me to empty the apartment buildings garbage cans. A man hops out dressed in white overalls to very succinctly clear out the bins. The garbage trucks lights flashing into the orange moon a cacophany of candy red colored sparks, and then the truck finishes its purpose of helping our city stay clean and continues rumbling forwards.

I come back to my magnificent moment of how all is connected and ask myself – what is the synchronicity of me, moon, and the garbage truck? Ahhh….. the joys of being spiritual in a metropolitan city! What am I releasing into the proverbial garbage as I watch this divine designing of the cosmos? I decide to bring this honest moment (I could have left out the garbage truck and kept it more romantic) into my own understanding of the overall mystical events.

I come to the realization it is my releasing of my old identity, that in truth, no longer fits me. It is the part of me that has not felt worthy to be in alignment with my most loving self. My old ego identity who snivels her nose at me and thinks she is unworthy of such powerful moments. Her face dirtied by the wearing of life’s toils. I thank her for all she has done to have brought me to this time, and I bid her farewell. She takes one last look at me and disappears into the night air.

I bring my gaze back to the illuminating red orange full moon eclipse and think to myself, what a wonderful, crazy and exciting time to align with the cosmic energies of me, moon, sun and letting go of the old. I am alive living in this moment as the Full Lunar Eclipse brings me into a heightened awareness that I am not alone, that there is a many layered purpose for this life we live. It is undeniable in these moments of exact mathematical alighnement of the heavenly bodies that govern our lives, and yes, sometimes the garbage trucks. We are all a part of this wild and crazy grand design!