Redwood Teachings

Redwood Teachings

Looking for a spiritual experience to change your life? Wanting to open your eyes to new ways of seeing the world? Wishing for deeper connection to the All That Is?

Come and visit the the amazing Redwoods of Memorial Park. Today I take a beautiful drive down the California Route 1 on the coastline from San Francisco. To ride along with the ocean waves is a treat. I feel a sense of calm as we go down the coast breathing in the oceans salt air. Our destination is the Redwoods. This is our place of rejuvenation and replenishment.

We drive down the Pescadero Creek road about eight miles and it is lovely seeing the fields of yellow wild flowers and the new cherry blossoms all blooming. When a breeze comes through the delicate white petals fly into the air like little snowflakes dancing. We get to Memorial park and find ourselves in the Redwoods. There is a mist that sifts through the tree tops keeping us in the mystery of this beautiful place.

There are many trails to hike and also great camping here amongst the Redwoods. What a delight to sleep in these verdant woods. We start to walk on the moist soft earth floor laden with redwood pine. It smells fresh and fecund. It is very quiet with few people. I can hear my own breath flowing through my lungs and out into the mists. We walk with great respect for these old Redwoods that grow only in Norther California and no where else in the world. I feel very blessed by this gift of being with them.

As a branch from one huge tree brushes my arm, I am invited to touch its furry red bark. I feel humbled as I try and wrap my arms around its massive trunk that would take twelve people stretching around to complete the hug! My heart presses against this incredible ancient one. I can feel a presence within the tree itself. I can feel the spirit of this tree. I decide to speak to it. “I ask you giant Redwood, what is the secret of your happiness?”

I hear the old wise Redwood answer me, it says, “My secret of happiness lies in the fact that I am always one with the Mother of us all. She embraces my roots so strongly that I never forget where I am or who I am. My love comes from the essence of the sun’s rays that I drink in through my branches. I stretch so very high in the sky to receive the suns love. My strength comes through my wide trunk joining of earth below and sun above. I am in constant ecstasy of all of this energy flowing through my being!” I ask, “Is this the same for me?” The Redwood says “yes, the Mother Earth loves you too and the sun shines loving golden rays upon your head every day.” I have such gratitude being reminded by this great tree how easy it is to see that I am a part of the All That Is.

I feel such reverence for this ancient Redwood tree and thank it. I hike the trail that winds around to the Pescadero Creek. I walk down to the sweet water winding its way though the woods. I stop with my friend and take in the beauty of the trickling sounds of water over rocks and the crows cawing from the trees above. We decide to give a gift of song to the waters and woods and begin by singing Om Shanti a Hindu prayer. “Om” meaning the sacred sound of the Universe and “Shanti” meaning peace. I sing a high melody with Shanti and my friend complements this a low vibrating Oooommmm. We sing and chant till the crows caw with our song together.

We walk back on the Creek trail to say thank you to this amazing place and for all the new spiritual insights. The Redwoods teach me to receive the love that is here every moment for all of us. I have adoration for the beauty and wisdom of the redwoods here on the California Coast.