Redwood Tree Blessings

Redwood Tree Blessings

The Redwood Tree is a magical tree for me. It is a tall old and wise sage that knows the secrets of the Earth Herself. They stand as some of the oldest trees on the planet and only grow on the California coastline. Redwood trees are ancient giants, the tallest living beings on the Earth, reaching heights of up to 360 feet.

Redwoods are also known for their longevity, typically 500 – 1000 years, but sometimes more than 2000 years. I feel very fortunate to be with these ancient ones of this land. The Redwoods are community trees because they grow in a circle with one another. Their roots are all intertwined and they speak to one another this way like a family that they are.

I have great respect and love for them. I am in awe of them. I go to Muir woods and I walk into the heart of one of  the Redwoods where it has been burned away from a long ago fire. The Redwoods insides are still charred black having been greatly wounded still survives as a grand statement of strength and courage. I walk into the heart of this burned out hearth and I feel a whoosh of energy flowing up to the sky ~ this is the energy of her heart moving from earth to sun above, this is the energy of us all, and our hearth is our hearts.

These great teachers are here to open their secrets only to those who wish to lovingly touch the red earthen colored bark, its furry textures soft and generous. I have come to the old grove to seek out a fallen branch to use in ceremonial power stick making. I lead a group of woman learning the ways of shamanism. We seek out the redwood branch as the power stick to create our connection to Spirit. Amongst the branches on the ground around this big redwood, I find the perfect one.

I pick up the branch and walk to the big Redwood and ask its permission to use this wonderful branch from its body. I explain I am leading strong women in the ways of shamanism and we wish to use your powerful energy in the making of our power sticks. The Redwood answers as I look up tilting my head back so far my chin is straight up, this is the height of this wondrous tree. I can see the sun shining though its top branches streaming into my eyes. I feel an answer  “yes child this is a good opening for the women to see my strength in themselves”. I wrap my arms trying to reach its wide berth barely making it one fifth way around. I hug this ancient one and thank it with love as my chest presses into its reddish body. “Thank you Oh Great One”. I say out loud.

Later in my dreams this night, I see myself at the Redwood only it is talking to me! It tells me, “No one ever in my many years has ever touched me and spoke to me like you have. I am very happy and surprised to be seen and honored. This is a sign that the times are changing that the human kind are awakening. They are awakening to see we are all alive as they are, and can be seen as they are”. The Redwood tells me it has shared this sign happily with the other trees. It shares my love, blessings and gratitude to the Spirit of the Redwood.