Ritual on Mount Tamalpias

I wake up and it is raining outside my window, it is 11-11-11 and I am planning a ritual with my shaman sister on Mount Tam today. We don’t even question being there regardless of the rain. We drive over contemplating how big this day is.

We forge ahead on the windy road to get to the top of the Mountain weaving through the mists between the veils of worlds within worlds. We are going to a special altar that I started on the mountain many years ago. It is on a peak overlooking the entire bay with a view of Marin, San Francisco, and the California Coastline that reveals the massive blue ocean. The view is breathtaking as we start to hike to the special altar site.

We hike to an incredible green serpentine rock bed. It is like a green heart chakra on the way to rest and we ask this place if we can take some of the special green stones as an offering for the altar when we get there. The wind says yes and gets stronger as we approach – the Spirits have stopped the rain so we can create our ritual with them. They know we are coming and I can feel so much energy as I tell my shaman sister that people all over the world are gathering on this exact day on 11-11-11. We are all connected in a web of loving energetics as today is all about alignment to the oneness of all.

We hike to the peak and there is a beautiful surprise where other sisters, who I do not know, have placed on the altar fresh daisies, apples, crimson pomegranates and golden persimmons. They must have come for the full moon the day before to have ceremony here. I feel overjoyed for the love of others at this holy site honoring the Mother Earth.

We place our special serpentine stones amongst the flowers adding to this amazing altar to the Mother. My sister and I begin to drum and sing to the four directions of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Center for this day of alignment which has already begun so magically. I open my Heart to the Mother Earth on Mount Tamalpias today, I kiss Her serpentine stones and pray to the Ocean and Her waves dance with me. I drum to the Heart Beat of the Sun. The Ravens fly above and play with us ~ how wonderful to be alive on this day.

We open our arms and sing for the Healing of the Earth, for the peoples of this land and all Her creatures. We sing for the love of all in connection to the Universe. I see so many Ravens dancing with us as our arms are raised to the sky, the winds now so strong we are barely able to stand. Hair flying in the wild gusts, the Ravens laugh at us and we share our love for them. I peek at my watch to see it is just 11:11 on 11-11-11. I stop drumming and we expand our hearts to connect with this amazing moment as everything is as it always really is – connected and all ONE!

We are one with the All That Is! Mother Earth and Bright Sun ~ Mysterious Moon, Stars Above, Exquisite Light, WE ARE ONE ~ Blessed Be! I am so full of Love. I am so full of Love. Thank you Great Spirit!