Saint Hildegard von Bingen

Saint Hildegard von Bingen

Quote by Hildegard von Bingen

“From my early childhood, before my bones, nerves, and veins were fully strengthened, I have always seen this vision in my soul, even to the present time, when I am more than seventy years old. …The light that I see thus is not spatial, but it is far, far brighter than a cloud that carries the sun. . . . and I call it “the reflection of the living Light”. . . and I see, hear, and know all at once, and as if in an instant I learn what I know. And what I write is what I see and hear in the vision. . . . And the words in this vision are not like words uttered by the mouth of man, but like a shimmering flame, or a cloud floating in a clear sky.” —Hildegard of Bingen, letter to Guibert of Gembloux (1175)

This incredible woman was born 1098 lived to be 81 years old passing in 1179. She is one of my greatest inspirations in my life because first of all – to live to be 81 during this time in history is quite a feat in itself.

Hildegard von Bingen is a spiritual mystic, visionary, poetess, painter, healer and composer. She is a woman who discovered herself to be a direct conduit for the Divine, she would receive her songs, words, visions, music from the Divine and allow it to flow through her as a gift for all of us. It is a miracle for me to now in 2012 be able to hear her music, read her words and see her paintings.

Hildegard is a woman who has shown me the possibilities of creation, life, divinity, brilliance, connection to Spirit, and to be a healer. She has shown me the possibilities of who I can be. She is one of the greatest inspirations of my life. Wherever you are Hildegard in the spirit world, know that I bow to you. I bow to your ever healing ways that influence my existence and so many others. I bow to you because you are an amazing woman who teaches me to also channel the Divine in the ways that are me.

This painting is created by Hildegard and for me it is a painting of the Goddess holding her people ever so lovingly in her arms. Hildegard’s vision allows me to know I am held and loved by the Goddess.

I am forever in great gratitude to you Saint Hildegard von Bingen.