Self Love

Self Love

Spring Equinox is the mystery where balance rests in the Mother Earth of equal hours of night to sun light. I ask where is my balance of my life? How am I loving myself this morning? Am I finding a softness to speak to my own heart as I would my own lover? Running my fingers along the insides of my arm noticing the softness of my own skin…

Looking into the mirror I see my sleepy eyes taking in the woman who looks at me… am I appreciating her and the goodness in her heart or do I ignore this for what she has not completed from yesterdays tasks?

Am I in balance to watch myself through this day as I would gently as a child with messed up hair beginning their day opening to the great mystery?

A humming bird flew in front of me yesterday. I was in the park and it flew right in front my nose and just hovered there. I could hear the wings buzzing and it looked into my eyes. I felt as if the Goddess herself stood in front of me taking me in, and I lost my breath.

The glowing green and vibrant pink around its eyes seemed to smile and I realized this is also me looking through the mirror back at me.