Shamanism in San Francisco


What Is Shamanic Healing?

Spiritual healing techniques known as shamanism are ancient healing practices common to indigenous cultures around the world. A shamanic healer works by journeying to non-ordinary reality to ask the assistance of helping spirits in healing a person's spirit or soul. These spirits may include power animals, spirit guides, teachers or even ancestors. Gifted shamans work with the creativity of the spirits in order to facilitate meeting your spirit guides, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, and removal of old energy blockages within the body or house cleansing.

Shamanic Healing Services — My Approach

I integrate shamanic techniques with Reiki to ensure the client's success rate with the transformations taking place on all levels of mind, body and spirit. I suggest the client come in and start with three Reiki sessions in order to prepare for the procedures below.

Meeting Your Highest Self

I am excited to offer meeting your own highest self through guided visualization with Reiki. Your highest self loves you unconditionally and is guiding you to the highest vibration existence possible. When you meet your soul self you can receive guidance and learn what your soul path is for this lifetime and how best to create your joy. Many clients tell me they feel they have really come home to themselves when they meet their highest self.

Meeting Your Spirit Guides

I offer to introduce my client to their own spirit guides to help assist us in the healing process. I use a guided visualization into a safe meeting place where we all come together for an introduction. Here you can receive pertinent information and healing from your very own spirit guide.

Power Animal Retrieval

Meeting your power animal can be very helpful in bringing more self-confidence and personal empowerment. I work together with you and your power animal to clear old blockages and finding renewal of spirit. The special attributes of each spirit animal bring new ways of experiencing your life-force. Once you have a power animal retrieval, you will be able to continue receiving strength from your spirit animal.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is the loss of individual soul essence, life force, and vitality. This loss happens when individuals suffer an emotional or physical trauma. Some causes of soul loss can be car accidents, surgery, sexual abuse, war, stress, divorce, and so forth. It is a part of us that leaves because it doesn't feel safe anymore. A shamanic healer tracks the lost parts of the client's soul and brings them back for reintegration to become whole again. It is important to retrieve lost soul parts as soon as possible after they have left to ensure the least amount of disruption in the client's health.

Learning Through Illness

Illness is often an initiation that tests our abilities to follow the guidance of and remain in alignment with Spirit in our lives. These techniques work to bring you back into alignment with your whole self through meeting and working with your spirit guides and power animals, and through soul retrieval. True healing requires the client to answer the question "What changes do I need to make in my life to support my ongoing health and well-being?" The client's job is to take the time and make the commitment to learn from the experiences during the spiritual illness and to change their life where needed to support continuing health.

Healing With Spirits of Light

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Shamanic House Cleansing and Blessing

As a shamanic practitioner, I work with my spirit guides to clear peoples' homes of unwanted spirits or energies that are not serving their highest good. Sometimes a spirit isn't able to successfully cross over after death for various reasons or there are unwanted energies that are trapped in a house that need to be cleared. I use a drum and rattle to shift and change the energies of the home. I like to have the occupants of the house participate in the blessing part after the clearing is completed.

A house blessing ritual is also lovely for new homeowners to place their wishes into their new house in celebration! I work with the occupants of the house to create an altar with the intentions of all that they wish for as blessings to be bestowed of love and abundance. We then go through each room of the house with bowls of rose petals and intentions written for each room to be filled with happiness and upliftment.

Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanism in Daily Life by Caitlin Matthews