Spiritual Classes in San Francisco

I am available for one on one classes. I am also available to come to an existing group. Workshops and ceremonies below can also be formatted to meet group needs as a one-day workshop.

‘The Artist's Way' 12 week Course for One on One Creative Renewal

A new offering for individuals, the 'Artist Way’ 12 week course by Julia Cameron where I give weekly one on one guidance. This coarse helps your creativity to become unlocked and recovered writing three morning pages every day, taking an artist date a week, and doing the tasks at the end of each chapter. We will meet by phone or in office for a check in and support once a week to assist your creativity to birth anew. Please contact Shekhina for more information.

Required Reading:
The Artist's Way by Juila Cameron

Sound Healing and Singing Ceremonies

I offer Sound Healing and Singing Ceremonies to honor the Mother Earths passages of the year for the Equinoxes and Solstices. We gather in gratitude for all the Earth offers us to live on our planet with all these gifts of abundance.

I lovingly use the crystal bowls to create a sacred space with Reiki to have group healing ceremonies with our sisters and brothers. I call in the Elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Center to create sacred space as I play the magical crystal bowls. The crystal bowl I use is tuned to the “F” note, which is the heart chakra note. I play the crystal bowl and we create our heart songs in unison. Many people have healings of ecstasy, emotional release, calmness, or joy in connection with the All-That-Is. Everyone benefits from receiving whatever they wish at the Sound Healing and Singing with Reiki Ceremonies.

These events are participatory as everyone tones and sings together their heart songs. I have the current dates of the next ceremony posted on my blog. Please see when the next one is offered! These are clean and sober events.


Magic Chakra Journey & Creativity Class!

You will discover your deepest visions through guided trance journey into all 7 chakras with crystal bowls. We will have fun with a creative expression for each chakra!

I will lead you in a guided trance journey into each chakra and our creations will include for each chakra 1st-collage, 2nd-dance, 3rd-power share, 4th-colored pencil Love drawings, 5th-singing with crystal bowl, 6th-intuitive reading exercises, 7th-candle spells!

Spiritual Writing & Story Telling

Find your own voice and discover your own wisdom! This is an eight week writing and storytelling class. I will help you to develop your writing practice and learn how to tell a healing story. There is only supportive feedback in this group as you learn your own emerging style from your heart's truth. No previous writing experience is necessary.

I will guide you though the form of creating a healing story so you will feel confident. We will use Meditation, Personal Experience, Dreams, Shamanic journey, Imagination, Tarot & Visions as guides in the stories we weave. Guaranteed laughter, magic and fun! You will learn how to write a healing story with love, creativity and magic.

Suggested Reading:
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen

Meeting Our Animal Guides Class Series

Shamanism opens into the world of deeper understanding within your own heart and soul. Animal guides can offer us great wisdom if we open ourselves to them. This class series will give you an opportunity to do this by first experiencing the Medicine Cards as an introduction. The cards represent the spiritual wisdom each animal has for us.

You will then have the opportunity to take a shamanic drum journey to meet your animal guide to see, feel, or hear what personal healing message they have for you. You will learn how your animal guide can help you to live a more authentic and inspiring life.  We will share wisdom and questions with each other as we open up to the magical world of Shamanism creating community with other beautiful souls on this path! This class is offered in a four part series.

Suggested Reading:
Medicine Cards The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, Revised, Expanded Edition by Jamie Sams & David Carson
Animal-Wise The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature, by Ted Andrews
Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide by Sandra Ingerman


Meditation is a wonderful way to go within ourselves to gain calm and to explore different parts of who we are on a deeper level. My method is a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western techniques that emphasize self-discovery. The typical format is a seven-session workshop. Students learn to ground energetically to the Earth, become familiar with their own auras, and explore each chakra. We work creatively with what you find within for healing and inspiration.

Suggested reading:
Wheels of Life - A User's Guide to the Chakra System, by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.


Ritual and Shamanic Journey

Ritual and Shamanic Journey are a place where we can elevate energy by asking our higher self to come forward and participate within a spiritual framework. We consciously create ritual for the purpose of personal transformation, healing, and celebration. Students will be introduced to journeying with traditional shamanic drumming to receive guidance from their spirit guides, teachers or animal guides. Together we will explore the language of ritual by working with the elements of life: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. With this five-session class you will gain the healing tools to create ritual and journey for your own personal spiritual practice!

Suggested Reading:
Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanism in Daily Life by Caitlin Matthews

Beginning Tarot

I often look to the tarot to give me an objective point of view or guidance on everyday events. Tarot can be used to help live life with more clarity and support. This four-session workshop for beginners will cover the basics of the deck. Students will become familiar with the major and minor arcana, three-card spreads, and the full traditional Celtic Cross spread. We also work on developing and trusting our intuition while reading the cards.

Suggested Reading:
Learning the Tarot - A Tarot Book for Beginners, by Joan Bunning