Spontaneous Living !

Spontaneous Living !

Happy New Year!

Everyone usually begins their new year with thoughts of what you wish to bring forth. Things you want more of or things you would like to be more of. I found myself sitting at the kitchen table this morning thinking over my cup of coffee that I actually do this all the time – wanting more of everything! How wonderful to have hopes and wishes.

As I sipped my rich coffee with honey I felt I would like to wish for the unexpected – the good kind of unexpected! To be more open to the world and less rigid in myself. To give myself the gift of open spontaneity! The gift of child like existence where everything is a new discovery for the first time.

My friend came over to pick me up and we started our drive down the California coastline. I love being here in California by the ocean. This is a part of my daily spiritual practice to be present and enjoy this land where I live on Mother Earth.

As we made our way just past Half Moon Bay my eyes could not believe seeing a huge field of yellow mustard flowers blooming incredible joyousness! I yelped out loud “I want to run in the flowers – please stop the car”! We pulled over and I ran into the middle of the golden yellow ocean of flowers!

To frolic in this happiness I could have never planned this to happen. To ask the Universe to bring me the unexpected brought me the most incredible experience I have had in awhile. I have so much love for the Earth and all Her incredible gifts for me and us!

Expect the unexpected of joyousness to come to you. Be open to see it, feel it, and receive it into your heart! This is a beautiful life we have. To let go of what we already know can allow the unexpected to come forth. To embrace us with the immense love that is here for us all the time.

Be spontaneous and see what might happen for you today!