Sunrise Orange Meditation

Streams of sun honey waves of light move through the ethers and find a resting place upon my eyelids this morning. My sunrise meditation begins with gratitude for being here in my warm bed to receive this love from the star to this earth, our sun. I feel this as a beginning moment of my day, but also the beginning moment of all life on this earth. The sun rises as it has since the beginning of time.

I gently open my eyes to see the beauty of pink, orange misty rose and I breath this into my heart to fill myself up. How nice to feel the ease of love in this moment of connection to the fire in the sky that feeds my soul.

How can I keep this feeling throughout my day while living in a city with dogs barking and sirens howling? What a challenge to keep this moment alive within me. I ask out loud to the sun, ” How can I have this beautiful moment throughout my day?” The answer comes right away – When you close your eyes now what do you see? When I do this I see a golden ball of the sun shining inside my eyelids!

The sunlight is inside of you, all of creation is inside of you little one! You are a part of All That Is. The innocence of your open heart allows you to be inside of the love that is you. This innocence is your connection to your soul within and it is the sun outside as well!

The sun continues to share with me, there is a web of light that is created by the sun and all the stars. Your soul also is a little star of light in existence. We are all a part of the big web of gossamer threads. We are all a part of this creation energy, little one of light.

We are in a universe that is a quantum field where there are many ways you choose to work with your threads of light. You have the free choice of your day little one. Every thought starts a new path of light to create your day. When you live in a city you have many weavers of many paths of light that are chosen.

When you keep your clear vision of the sunlight in your heart that you have seen this morning, of loving kindness to yourself, this is what guides your day. Your thoughts, your streams of light create your experience in the field of possibilities. This is the gift of creation energy!

I remember the sun that shines always even when I cannot see it at night time. I open to the sun that is in the sky and the sunlight that is inside of me throughout this day. I feel the orange rosy pink light in my heart and I am glad.