Sweet Waterfalls Ritual

I am at Harbin Hot Springs a wonderful healing place in Northern California. It is a place of opening to relaxation and spiritual possibilities. I love coming here to come back into myself – my deeper self. I start my Shamanic practice that I do every day. It is a magical way of life for me.

Shamanism is seeing that all is alive. All trees have spirits of their own, the rocks carry their own wisdom of what has taken place in their surroundings of the land. They know who has walked here and who has stopped to hear the messages of the Earth. Who is listening to their whispers?

I begin my ritual at the sweet waterfalls surrounded by the lush fig trees whose roots grow entwined like thick strands of gentle white hair, their complex root system taking over the 20 foot tall earthen walls where they lay naked. They wrap themselves around the boulder rocks, holding them as if in a nest and the smooth pale rocks the eggs of the brown Mother.

I bow to the crisp clean waterfalls and behold the opening into the Mother Earth from where She spouts life giving essence. I feel humbled by her gifts as I lay my body against the soft rocks covered with a blanket of wet verdant moss. I feel the tingly waters flow over me – what joy! I gently place my head under the falling water, experiencing the sounds of an urgent gushing of exhilarated whooshes and then a tinkling of silvery drops in the pond below. I giggle out loud with delight!

I turn my head up to the sun and through the light see a perfectly round spider web. The strings of the web light up golden as the small spider moves her legs. A symphony of orange, gold and red colors shift and move as she plays each strand carefully. She sits at the center of the web, her domain, proud of the masterpiece she has spun.

I am witness to the spiders songs of light. I am witness the Mother Earths’ songs of the waters cascading in complete knowingness of Herself. I am blessed by Her. My inner senses are renewed in finding the truth of my connection to the Earth – this is the coming home to my deeper self. Thank you Mother Earth. I am so much a part of you and all your wonders!