Sylphs~* Air Elementals

Sylphs~* Air Elementals

A gorgeous day in Point Reyes and I am walking on a sparkling sand beach. This particular beach feels more wild than any other I have walked upon. There is a feeling that not many humans have walked here. I make my connection to the land and ocean as I open my heart by breathing in the incredibly fresh salt air to my lungs. I pull deeper into my heart to feel the energy of reverence here.

The tide runs out but the waves are strong rolling high and crashing with white against this rocky beach. These slate gray jagged rocks are the ones who stand here keeping watch – the guardians of this beach. Cliffs stand behind us rising high with the beautiful crystal veins that run throughout Point Reyes only to show themselves on some of the beaches. A grand appearance of the potent power of this California coastline. We find a place to lay our mexican blanket and rest.

We find ourselves drawn to a huge rock formation jutting out into the ocean on the far end of the beach. We walk there and find a crevice that is a secret passage way. We walk through this tight passage and there is whooshing wind that pushes us through. This wind is so strong I almost fall over. It is moving at a ferocious speed and we are catapulted through the opening to this otherworldly cove. I am surprised to see caves that go into the cliffs that seem forbidden places to go.

I climb on a massive rock formation that goes into the ocean itself. I climb higher and higher and see the sun shining bright in pools of waters left from high tide. The wind is relentless as I climb even higher and see many wisps of white fly into the air and I am unable to make out what this mysterious white is. I think maybe bird feathers? They call to me and I follow them even higher to see what this might be. I wrap my hat close to my head as the wind whips at my face and body. I am not sure how much higher I can go without falling because of the force of this powerful wind.

I reach a precipice and there is a sacred cavern that goes deep down into this rock mountain I have climbed. I stand in great awe as I take in this incredible vision of how the ocean waters have found a small portal in the rocks to collect a cauldron of sea foam spiraling in the center as the Sylphs ~ white wisps of air elementals, dancing in the winds! Syphs disperse the spiraling froth whipped into hundreds of white feathers of seafoam and ride them into the vortex that is created up above to the skies delight! I am intoxicated with this vision and movement of the Sylphs. I am high with ecstasy witnessing the Sylphs in such a scintillating dance of great exuberence!

I feel I have seen the Angels of the Winds itself. I am so honored to have been led here to see for myself a true miracle of the Sylphs’ dance to Mother Nature. This is indeed an incredible moment in my life to even have been allowed into this hidden cove and led to peek into the world of the Fairies of the Winds. I often travel in shamanic journeys to meet them. This has happened in my waking life teaching me that all is happening at the same time, the magical and the everyday. I am renewed by the miracles of Mother Nature and her Faery Realms that tend to her.