Eagle Gifts and Teachings

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Eagle Gifts and Teachings

I wonder how different life is from dreams we have in the dark evening hours. I had on the full moon a dream that soon came to be true. I dreamed I was in a green woods with pine trees all around a calm lake. There was a clearing with crows walking on the grass as if in a meeting. Some stayed in the branches of the trees cawing to the ones on the ground. I watched them as I also was a part of this ceremonial event. Then they flew away cawing back to me, black wings spreading and taking flight. Several crows circled above while I stepped into the clearing and I discovered iridescent black feathers left between blades of gold dry grass. I picked them up one by one as if they were gifts left for me. I had a hand full of 16 blue black feathers.

Two days later my friend and I drove to Bon Tempe Lake in Marin to lie in the sun and enjoy this alpine lake with pristine waters you can see to the rocks below. Mountains with green pine trees ring the lake. We found a perfect place to lay our blanket down and rest in the sun. Warm rays entered my skin warming me to my bones. Electric orange dragon flies darted over my head and then pale blue and black striped ones came, almost in competition of who was most stunning. Light bounced off the little waves on the lake hypnotizing me to a gentle trance.

The old oak trees were just over the path at the lake’s edge and a flock of crows to and rest. They started to caw back and forth bantering amongst themselves. I remembered my dream of this moment. Some crows flew away and some stayed while I started to look for their onyx feathers like in the dream, and I spotted one peeking out from the grass. Then another and many more until I had found a handful of black crow feathers. I held them up to my friend into the sun like a child who found all the easter eggs in the egg hunt.

We packed up our things and hiked down farther on the brown dry dirt path along the lake. The path gently curved and we saw more beauty at each turn of the mountains, pine trees reaching higher. The next bend another crow started cawing to get our attention and as I looked up right there above my head was a bird with a wing span of about 6 to 7 feet wide! I blinked my eyes three times because this bird was huge and had a pure white head and white tail. My breath stopped and I realized I was looking at a bald eagle just above my head!

I whispered to my friend to look up at this beautiful bald eagle and he also was astounded at its size and grace. Then to my delight the Eagle started to make its cawing sounds. A soft piercing into the air moved me to a place of awe and connection to this incredible creature of the winds. I practice the healing arts of shamanism and I knew this was a very important moment where everything in my life was to change.

I had never seen a bald eagle until this moment. I opened my heart to the message this great bird had for me and I heard from the spirit of the eagle, this is my rite of passage into my power. I am no longer the person I was. My identity has been changed to one of an empowered woman to own my strength and all of who I am, to walk my path and speak my truth. The bald eagle told me this is my time to live as my true self and to do this with grace as he flies in the spacious blue sky. We can fly together now free. I am honored by you great bald eagle. I am honored.

©Shekhina von Recklinghausen Reiki Shaman Healer (photo by me)