New Year 2016 Ritual for You~*

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New Year 2016 Ritual for You~*

Happy Loving Healing Laughing Honoring in the New Year!

I have so much gratitude for you all being a part of my Healing Practice this Year and I want to share a New Year Ritual with you! It is a ritual you can do with yourself, all your friends, or family any time you wish. This is a ritual of Honoring all that has taken place in the past year, Honoring where you are now, and Honoring the Rebirth you wish to create in your futures!
First take a candle and light it to represent your spiritual connections to the LIGHT.
Write down on a piece of paper all that you are honoring in this past year of celebrating your creations, grieving your losses, and releasing old pain or parts of yourselves that no longer serve your Highest Good with LOVE.
Breathe in the Candle Light, and Breathe out all you are releaseing with Love. Honor where you are right now, this moment without judgement, but with compassion and gratitude you have done the very best that you know how. This is Self Appreciation!
Next write down all you wish to lovingly bring into your new year with the new light that is growing in the sun. As every day grows more in the light, so do we. You are made of Light, You are Love, You are Divine! Celebrate this, that you are Divine Light! Breathe in the Candle Light, Sun Light and your own Divine Light!
Place your candle on your Altar with all you have written down with Gratitude and Self Appreciation for your life. Take one day at a time, one breath at a time and enjoy the stretching into the future with your wishes and Creations of Love and Self Honoring for this New Year! Blessings of Millions of Starlight Diamonds! Shekhina
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