The Golden Screen Door

The open heart is the key to everything on the spiritual path. Sometimes I feel at a loss at how to keep my heart cracked open when I feel the outside world not so loving towards me. I feel like an old oak wood door that I try to prop open with a door jam and a sign that says “Keep Open!”. But, how do I keep protected so that not just anyone comes in this beautiful open oak wood door of my heart? How can I protect my heart? I add this to my prayer list today, I often have a list…..

Dear Great Spirit, how is it that I can stay open to love and not get knocked over by the one who is not so loving? I ask you Great Spirit in this prayer to show me or tell me what is the secret to this complication of relationship? How do I keep my heart open to the ones I love when they sometimes say hurtful things that throw me into a spin of sadness or pain?

I suddenly hear from Great Spirit that we are all doing the best we can and we are all wounded in some way. To have compassion for all, means to know this. Great Spirit says, also remember that your brown oak door can have a golden screen door too! A strong screen door that keeps the bugs out and all that does not serve your highest good.

I visualize and create this screen door with gold mesh that keeps out the words that are not so nice. I can stop them from entering through the door of my heart. When the words that are not loving come flying towards the screen they hit the gold mesh and come tumbling down onto the ground like brown leaves falling to the earth. The loving wind comes by and sweeps the words away.

I am reminded by Great Spirit that I am strong and willful. I create this self loving protection screen to be able to keep my lovely oak door safe and open. I am thrilled about the golden screen door and complete my prayers with a thank you to Great Spirit for my divine screen made of light so that love may enter my heart and keep out all that does not serve my highest good. Thank you for showing me that I can protect myself and keep an open heart all at the same time.

I see a beautiful green ivy wrapping all around my oak door. The ivy gently twines all around my heart caressing beautiful verdant vines of Mother Earths love for me. Thank you Mother Earth and Great Spirit.