The Kissing Tree (A True Story)

The Kissing Tree ( A true story)

It was Saturday morning and the sun was out brightly casting its rays onto all it could see. I decided it was a perfect day for a walk on Grizzly Peak.I dressed myself and made my way to the Berkeley Hills. You could see for miles on either side of the Peak. One way faced the whole bay where you could see the green hills of Marin and the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco. Over the other side there were numerous hills, big and small, spreading to Orinda and beyond.
I picked a path to walk that wound itself in and around the trees. There were white birch intermixed with fragrant eucalyptus. As I walked along the path, the trees began to talk. They creaked and squeaked in the wind. I heard them say they were glad people came here so we could enjoy one another. They appreciated being acknowledged for all they gave. They danced in the wind back and forth while their branches became arms accentuating their graceful movements. One tree would send out a squeaking sound as it bent one way and then another would answer. Sometimes it was me they talked to. I knew this when the creaking happened when I approached a particular tree. The trees knew I could hear them speak. They told me in simple terms, “Welcome to our home. We are glad to see someone who can talk with us and understand what we say. Please rest yourself  here in our shadows we cast to cool you .“  So I sat down on a rock and did. After sitting with them, enjoying the whispering as the wind tickled their leaves in midair, I resumed my walk. I approached each tree along  the path asking first if  I could touch them. They all said yes, yes! The trees enjoyed my warm hand gently running along their smooth cool bark. One tree said I gave her a tingle all the way to her toe roots!
I felt especially drawn to one birch tree that stood closer to the path than the others. I stepped up to it and found myself compelled to bring  my cheek to it’s wide trunk. I could feel the suede softness of its beige skin against mine. I was seduced by this tall handsome tree, my lips desiring to kiss it’s softness. I stepped around to the front of the tree, closed my eyes and gently placed my kiss. Then slowly I opened my eyes, as one does after a first kiss, and what I saw was a complete surprise.  Next to my pink lipstick trace as proof of my kiss – were many, many more kisses! I swiftly pulled my face back to see that this was in fact a kissing tree! There were over twenty lipstick traces imprinted here and there on the birch’s smooth bark! I thought I was the only one, but there had been many who found the magical love in this tree. The tree then spoke to me and said “ I am here for all of those who know how to find me. The secret is knowing how to listen and when you do, the magical realm may open up to you.” I realized that those who hear the trees speak will be blessed in finding the exuberant joy of the kissing  tree!