The Magic of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is the spontaneous moment when seeming disparate things come together in a surprising and often magical way! For example, just last week I came to a new opening within myself of self acceptance. The next day I received two emails from two friends who do not know each other. Both of them had the exact same dream about me! They both told me they saw me in their dreams in a room of my own joyfully dancing and content. Both of my friends in their dreams asked me if I was happy here, and I replied yes in both dreams! What does this synchronicity mean for me?

It is the Universe really wanting me to know the depth of this moment, that I have really arrived at this place with myself, and my two friends are very connected to me in the dream time. That we are connected in a universal sense – in the quantum field! The quantum field is where all things are connected in the Universe on an energetic level. In other words – this is where the magic happens for us!

We are all creating and connecting in the quantum soup of the Universe, but when we have the big Ah-ha moments, it is because we are more awake and aware to see clearly the workings of the magic of it all. We have opened our hearts to the love that is in all things. Synchronicity is happening in every second we are alive – the harmonic movements of the planets around the sun, the eclipse that happens where the sun, earth and moon come into alignment. Where these massive orbs of differing weight and mass are in the perfect mathematical distance to be the exact same size to create the eclipse! What amazing synchronicity is this!

The miracle that the moon moves the oceans tides on the planet every day. The mysterious moon circles around the earth in a cycle of 28 days and a woman’s menstrual cycle is about the same every month. This is very deep cosmic synchronicity and we are a part of all of this miraculous movement of magic. We are an intrinsic part of the Universe, a puzzle piece that creates the whole picture. Every piece of the puzzle is very important to make the whole complete.

The Mother Earths stones are our bones, Her winds are our breadth, Her rivers waters are our blood that runs through our veins, and the Sun in the sky is the bright spirit of our Souls! I am humbled every morning that this big beautiful Star rises to shine on my head blessing me each day. What a gift to receive this love that is always there for me. I feel so loved by the Sun gifting me with life and all that is on our wonderful magical planet Earth!

The secret to the magical working of synchronicity is Love. Everything is made of Love energy and for us to have an open heart allows conscious synchronicity. If our heart is closed out of fear we miss out…. we miss hearing the little sparrow singing just outside our window in the morning to greet us for this day, or we don’t feel the golden rays of the Sun caressing our cheeks saying, you are so loved. When our hearts are open we receive the magic of being alive and it is shared in our dreams and of others dreaming of us….how fun is this!

Open your heart to the synchronistic turnings of the Earth, Moon and Sun and you got a lot-a-magic goin on! Let your dreams turn to truth and live your hearts desires, Breathe love in and stretch your hands towards the Bright Star of our Sun. Feel the truth of the light that is your Soul within. You are the Magic. You are Beautiful!