Winter Solstice Ceremony & Sound Healing 12/12

Winter Solstice Ceremony & Sound Healing 12/12

Hi Lovely One’s!

Thank you for all your support, my article “Singing, Sound Healing and Reiki” will being published in the Reiki Magazine this upcoming Winter issue and on the cover of the Reiki magazine!

Come Celebrate Winter Solstice Sound Healing Ceremony Monday, Dec.12th @ 7:00-9:00. Please RSVP as soon as possible to hold your spot! We will honor the coming longest night of the year and in the darkness we go within to plant our seeds of new dreams and hearts desires!

I will call in the Elements AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH AND CENTER to create sacred space in honor of the darkest night. There will be a candle for everyone to keep, and on your candle you will write your wishes for the new year. We will share what we have written and light our candles one by one to empower our dreams!

As I play the crystal bowl we will sing and tone our heart songs to empower all our new seeds we are planting for the Winter Solstice.

Tell all your Sisters and Brothers and Please Forward! The cost is a slide scale $20-$50. Please RSVP asap to hold a spot. We will meet Monday 12/12 @ 7:00 – 9:00 at Location given when you rsvp through email on my site. This is a clean & sober event.