Shekhina von Recklinghausen

I have been keeping my own spiritual practice in San Francisco, CA for over fifteen years, learning to live creatively every day and bring self-love to every moment. My path has lead me to an ever deepening connection to Mother Earth, and to remembering we are all connected to each other through her.

Life is a gift and I take time everyday to remember and learn what that gift is to me, simply enjoying the small and big pleasures, or learning from what my shadow side brings forth.

What I have experienced is that the deeper and more courageously I delve, the more I see there is to discover. As a healer, this is what I bring to my practice, and I encourage others to seek courageously the depths of their own hearts.

I am a Reiki master/ teacher, sound healer, and studied Fine Art at San Francisco State University. I bring all these modalities and life experiences into my healing practice. I hold a place of unconditional love and support for profound healing and transformation as well as being an inspirational guide for positive life changes.

Shekhina’s recent published article, “Dancing with Reiki” in Reiki Magazine

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