Supporting the Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey starts with connecting to our own beautiful hearts. Our heart is where our highest self, our soul resides that gives us that inner guidance we seek. Through self love we can open to a deeper connection to ourselves, which allows a deeper connection to Universal Love.

How do we connect to our highest selves? I offer support to create your own daily spiritual practice by making time to check in with your own heart to hear what you can do to love yourself each day.

Meeting Your Highest Self

I am excited to offer meeting your own highest self through guided visualization with Reiki. Your highest self loves you unconditionally and is guiding you to the highest vibration existence possible. When you meet your soul self you can receive guidance and learn what your soul path is for this lifetime and how best to create your joy. Many clients tell me they feel they have really come home to themselves when they meet their highest self.

In my practice I offer many ways of experiencing what it means to open to our spirituality with loving understanding. As we connect to our own hearts with compassion and love, we find our lives becoming more loving all around us.

Daily Spiritual Practice

I can help to create your personalized spiritual practice in a joyful and easy way that best works for you. Here are some possibilities:

  • Creating a special altar that helps to connect to the Universal Love that brings all your spiritual aspects together that are meaningful to you.
  • I help everyone discover new ways to connect to the All-That-Is through intention and prayer that are authentic to who you are.
  • Starting our day with journal writing is a wonderful way to discover your own heart’s messages for you.
  • Opening to a guided meditation in the morning is a beautiful way to refresh and connect to our highest selves.


Reiki Altars by Shekhina

Altars are a powerful way to honor the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. Shekhina shares how she has combined Reiki and Altars as a spiritual practice in her work.

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Cover photo altar by Shekhina