"The greatest gift that Shekhina has given me is the understanding that the world is full of joy. She has helped me find my true voice, given me clarity to find love in everything (even the things I don't recognize), encouraged me to seek out my own personal power, and inspired me to believe in the peace that I want to make in the world. Thank you so much."

"Working with Shekhina has changed my life in more ways than I could ever express. She is an powerful healer and a wise spiritual shamanic teacher with an compassionate heart. Her astounding gifts have really helped me to dive in deep into my own healing and step more into who I am, as well as how to teach others to do the same. I am forever transformed. Thank you Shekhina for your powerful wise and beautiful spirit and for the ancient medicine that you share."

"When it comes down to it, words cannot properly describe how truly life changing working with Shekhina has been. Beyond being an incredibly wise and enlightened healer, Shekhina is an absolute master at translating your issues (or pain or questions) into the truest sense of reality. The "aha" moments that I experience each time she guides me through a particular situation are simply amazing, and is something that I have never before experienced in any other method of therapy. I saw that another Yelp review called Shekhina a "wise goddess" and that is the perfect title for her. She has empowered me with invaluable tools that have helped me become more joyful, have an enlightened awareness and understanding for others, and most importantly, have given me new perspective on the good and bad in life. I had never heard of reiki before a friend recommended Shekhina to me, but working with her was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I hope that this review might do the same for you!"

"Amazing life altering experience working with Shekhina. Shekhina is a Reiki, Shamanic healer who's insight, experience and ability to to radiate the light with in me has been a welcome unexpectedness. Shekhina holds a safe space for self discoveries and change. Her abilities to listen and see in between what is spoken and what is experienced is one of her many strengths as a healer. She has been a catalyst for healing in my life. Shekhina is truly a gifted soul who's connection to spirit and commitment to healing has been an inspiration to me and my spiritual practice. Visit Shekhina and experience the powerful universal energy of Reiki and her strength and ability as Shamanic healer reflect your true self and the gifts and light that you hold within you."

"After years of talk therapy as my main route to transformation, I came to Shekhina looking for healing in the realms of energy and magic to complement the work I was doing in the realms of thought and mind. I found her to be a competent, loving, gentle reiki master, and so, so much more.

Shekhina has become my guide for shamanistic journeys I had no idea I was prepared to embark upon. She has enabled my newfound relationship with my spirit guide and helped me commit to a grounded daily practice I never thought possible. My work with her has inspired me to make drastic and necessary changes in my life and to commit to the discipline required to maintain free spiritedness. In short, she has helped me transform relationship to self, others, the world.I have also joined Shekhina for one of her group rituals, and the experience was profoundly beautiful and healing. Her sense of humor and timing and fluid management of group energy makes her a gifted ritual leader in addition to personal healer."

"Shekhina is very loving, caring, yet very objective. She wants You to realize and exercise the wonderful being you are. She always states that she's a guide to help you realize that. If there's an area that she thinks someone else may help you better - she will let you know. She's very honest with herself and you. Her support is not only in the reiki session - she recommends books, tarot cards - all the things she thinks is necessary for you to take the steps to transform yourself. So she gives herself completely to heal you. Spritual yet practical.

She opened me to a universe of possibilities. I am very grateful for her help, guidance and wisdom.Whether your experience with Shekhina is one of gentle energy work or magical road trips, retrievals, and rituals, you will find what you need, do the work you need to do, and you will be growing through the process and loving yourself more profoundly every day. I have boudless gratitude for my work with her."

"I came to see Shekhina to get ready for my first round of IVF treatments. Our sessions were very enlightening and helpful in all aspects of my life. I saw her for four times before I started my treatments to become 'clear'. My husband and I are now pregnant from our first round of IVF treatments! I am grateful for Shekhina's services and will continue to see her in the future! Thank you, Shekhina!"

"It's a beautiful life changing experience working one on one with Shekhina over the last few months.  She is a very powerful healer and her reiki sessions can feel like six months of therapy in one sitting.  I give the highest recommendation for working with her if you are seeking energy work and are ready to face your challenges.  At the end of the day you have to be ready to do the self work to really get the value out of Reiki, but I find Shekhina's style to be so compassionate and caring and honest that it really helps.  She offers a sliding scale to help meet people where they are and has a beautiful office that is always a delight to visit."
Avary K.

"This woman seriously changed my life and helped me to dig myself out of a depression that was lifelong. I consider her to be my spiritual mother. She is a source of great support, tough love when needed, sweet love when needed. She has helped me survive and grow through so many life transitions. She introduced me to the spirit world and helped me get acquainted with my guides and higher self. And she teaches the proper way to protect oneself when in the spirit world which is invaluable. She opened the door for me to embrace my true soul self. I don't think I could have done this without her.

When I found her online, I had been searching for a reiki teacher. She had a three personal sessions requirement before doing the class. So, I did the three sessions and my world was forever changed. My journey has included a Women's Shamanic Empowerment group, Spiritual Creative Writing group, Spiritual Retreats, Solstice Rituals, all kinds of fun, deeply moving and beautiful experiences that have taught me how to be my own self-empowered healer, for myself and for others. I have immense respect and gratitude for this red-haired Shaman. She will forever be close to my heart."
April P.

"Shekhina was recommended to me by another amazing healer who became a Reiki Master under her. I received a Reiki healing session from her and after my first session I knew I wanted to explore more healing from her and that I had some "stuck emotions" and patterns that I hadn't really fully explored yet. In my first session, she immediately helped me see how the lingering bronchitis cough I couldn't clear was connected to my heart chakra and some past relationship emotional pain I had not healed. Every time I saw her we worked on a deeper level on different areas of my life that I was out of tune with and that were often causing me physical ailments. After 3 or 4 sessions I knew I wanted to learn Reiki from her for self healing and to assist me in my future career as an Acupuncturist.

Shortly after, I learned Reiki level 1 from her and it has been a wonderful addition to my life for self healing and healing others. What I love about Shekhina's style of teaching Reiki is she combines Shamanic journeying with it and teaches her students how to journey into the spirit world to explore deep healing. Although it may sound somewhat daunting, it's not, it's quite simple, yet can be some of the most profound healing you could ever give or receive.

In addition to Reiki, I have taken a few workshops with Shekhina. One was a day long guided meditation into each Chakra where we took time after each meditation to create art that represented what came to us in that Chakra. It was such a beautiful class and I still use the visualizations I received as portals into my daily meditations."
Awny R.

"Shekhina is a natural healer,  empath, and intuitive counselor who has aided me immensely in getting in touch with my inner realms . . . Her energy work is terrific, done with much compassion and love.....She has also introduced me to the shamanic reality and made me more aware of those beings in the guide realms.....I highly recommend her for any who want to become more familiar with their internal energy system or who need help in their self healing process . . ."
Stephen R.

"The first time I went to see Shekhina I had little or no idea what Reiki was, let alone what kind of healing and transformational experience I was in for. Shekhina's sensitivity picked up right away on what my main issue was that I needed to work on, when even I wasn't sure what instinctively brought me to see her.

It's hard to describe in a few words what the sessions with her did for me other than simply saying that it changed my life and put me back on my path, giving me strength confidence and also techniques (such as meeting and receiving advice from my spirit guide and power animal) that I can now use on my own anytime. Shekhina is an amazing healer and teacher who creates a safe healing space, she is sweet and caring or tough (because caring) if she needs to. Reiki and shamanic journeying are incredibly powerful yet simple tools, just open yourself to the healing process and magic will happen.

After all the healing and teachings I went back to her to receive the attunement to Reiki level I. I could not have received more gifts than this in my life since meeting her. If you have even the slightest feeling that a session with her could be the thing for you right now, I can only hope you trust that feeling. I am forever grateful I did!"
Alessandro D.