Sound Healing in San Francisco

Shekhina cover of Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2016
Shekhina cover of Reiki News Magazine

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is an ancient healing form existing for many centuries dating back to Native Cultures around the world. This modality uses sound waves and vibrations to bring balance to mind, body and spirit. The sound waves shift our brainwave frequencies from a beta state of normal awareness to an alpha state of relaxation and mediation. Harmony is brought through the human voice, toning, singing, chanting, and musical instruments.

I bring into my healing sessions the option of having a sound healing with Reiki using tuning forks, energy bar chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, my singing, toning or crystal singing bowls. I work with the chakra system to clear blockages that may cause emotional, mental, physical stress or illness. I let the Reiki flow through my hands and then I use the tuning fork or energy bar for each chakra. Each chakra has a specific note that goes with each chakra. The notes that go with each chakra are: B – crown chakra, A – third eye chakra,  G – throat chakra, F – heart chakra, E – power chakra, D – sacral chakra, C – root chakra.

The sound vibrations help to clear stuck energies and bring in healing to the physical body, mind and heart. Sound Healing allows flow of energy into the whole system for harmony and balance.

Sound Healing and Singing Ceremonies

I offer Sound Healing and Singing Ceremonies to honor the Mother Earths passages of the year for the Equinoxes and Solstices. We gather in gratitude for all the Earth offers us to live on our planet with all these gifts of abundance.

I lovingly use the crystal bowls to create a sacred space with Reiki to have group healing ceremonies with our sisters and brothers. I call in the Elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Center to create sacred space as I play the magical crystal bowls. The crystal bowl I use is tuned to the “F” note, which is the heart chakra note. I play the crystal bowl and we create our heart songs in unison. Many people have healings of ecstasy, emotional release, calmness, or joy in connection with the All-That-Is. Everyone benefits from receiving whatever they wish at the Sound Healing and Singing with Reiki Ceremonies.

These events are participatory as everyone tones and sings together their heart songs. I have the current dates of the next ceremony posted on my blog. Please see when the next one is offered! These are clean and sober events.

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